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April, 2021


Best Narrative Feature:


Director: Tom Cosgrove

Best U.S. Narrative Short & Best Director & Best Actress:


Director: Tara Elliott

Starring: Sara Ruth Brown

Best International Narrative Short:

Here comes the wolf

Director: Rohart Julie

Best U.S. Documentary Feature:

Midnight Run

Director: Joshua Sauceda

Best U.S. Short Documentary:

The Beast of Our Time

Director: Maaike Middleton

Best International Feature Documentary:

The truth about La Dolce Vita

Director: Giuseppe Pedersoli

Best International Short Documentary:


Director: Yolanda García

Best Cinematography:

Open heart surgery

Director: Valeria Cocco

Best Actor:

Not Quite Lost

Starring: Kristian Repshus

Best Film Composer:

Daniel Bartley JR & Janice Gisele Muller for The Sweetest Girl

Best Musician:

Alexandra Petkovski & Kris Kovacs for What's Up (Reimagined)

Best Animation:

Disappearing Pathways

Directors: Michael Covello & Elizabeth Schneider

Best Experimental:


Director: Priscila Guedes

Best Music Video:

Flying - Angèle Dubeau

Director: Alexandre Richard

Best Trailer:

Expedition Ayiti

Director: Richard Serrao

Best Student Film:

Dust Cloud

Director: Trudi Houston


Best Series-Pilot:

Senior (dog) walker

Directors: Carlos Millán & Camilo Pérez

Best Docufiction:


Director: Ariel Semmel

Best Science Fiction & Best Horror:


Director: Joshua Abram


Best Feature Screenplay:

The Way Home

Writer: Ewa Stankiewicz


Best Short Screenplay:

Everything is Everything

Writer: Omar Laurent

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