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7th Edition

July, 2021


Best Narrative Feature
The Pro Bono Watchman
Director: Ray Spivey

Best Director

The Ravine 

Director: Keoni Waxman

Best International Narrative Feature
Amazon Queen
Director: Marlin Darrah

Best Female Director
Director: Elmira Gilman

Best U.S. Narrative Short
First Lesson
Director: Mathieu Mathieu Di Muro

Best International Narrative Short
Directors: Mehdi AJROUDI, Lewis MARTIN SOUCY

Best U.S. Documentary Feature:
The Author
Directors: Nima Soofi, Daniel Ricardo Irias

Best U.S Documentary Short
Director:  Emma Francis-Snyder

Best International Documentary Feature
Director: Seojong Stephan Park

Best International Documentary Short
From Durban to Tomorrow
Director: Dylan Mohan Gray

Best Script
Como Se Dice
Writer: Gwendolyn Hulet

Best Producer
The Reunion
Director: Zidan Wang
Producer: Xiaodong Xi

Best Cinematographer
The Death of An Artist
DOP: Meng Zhang, Shaolin Wang

Best Actress

Our Song
Director: Jordan Henderson

Starring: Kati Rausch

Best Actor
Bruno Soares
for: Apostasy a.k.a. Untitled Script #1

Best Composer
Women Warriors: The Voices of Change

Best Editor
Best Female Director
The Reunion
Editors: Shimeng Zhou, Yuqing Chen

Best Animation
Ukine-Shima: Island Afloat Asleep
Director: Kaori Yasunaga

Best Comedy
Our Song
Director: Jordan Henderson

Best Experimental
Director: Christina Phoebe

Best Science Fiction
The Aspirant
Director: Adam Orton

Best Horror
Into the Dreams... and Horror Experiences
Director: Taka Octz

Best Music Video
Silicone Wave
Director: Jeff Hilliard

Best Trailer

Best Student Film
Late Shift
Director: Shira Baron

Best TV Series-Web-Pilot
TempaKILL (Season Two)
Director: Rick Williamson

Best Photography
Imprisoned by his thoughts.

Best Youth Actress
The Pro Bono Watchman

Kariana Karhu

Best Youth Actor
The Negotiation

Wesley Kimmel

Best Unproduced Screenplay
Face Painters
Writer: Giovanni Sanseviero

Best Independent Film
I Walk On
Director: Dorota Fórmanowska

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